Focus and Scope

Harmoni; Multicultural and Multireligious journals aim to strengthen transdisciplinary perspectives on issues related to religious life. This journal is committed to publishing scientific articles that discuss various aspects of religious life with the specific aim of broadening and deepening the transdisciplinary approach to religious life as a tradition, culture and practice. (1) Religious Streams and Religious Movement; (2) Religious services such as KUA, Hajj, Umrah, and Halal Products; (3) Interfaith Religious Relations.

Harmoni; The Multicultural and Multireligious Journal specializes in the study of religious life and aims to strengthen transdisciplinary studies of religious life. Published articles will explore the discussion of the study of religious life from various socio-scientific approaches, such as anthropology, sociology, politics, international relations, ethnomusicology, economics, human rights, law, minority studies, demography, ethics, communication, education, economics, philosophy, and philology. Studies that are based on field  research and literature research based empirical research with an understanding of broader intellectual, social, legal and political developments in religious life.