About the Journal

Harmoni is focused on religious life. The scope of this scientific journal covers, the following religious issues: (1) Religious Streams and Religious Movement; (2) Religious services such as KUA, Hajj, Umrah, and Halal Products; (3) Interfaith Religious Relations. 

Harmoni is a multicultural and multireligious journal. This scientific journal is published by the Research and Development Center for Guidance for Religious Societies and Religious Services, the Research and Development and Education and Training Agency of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. Harmoni first appeared in 2002 in printed form (ISSN Number: 1412-663X). Beginning of Harmoni is published four times in one year. In 2013, still in print, the Harmoni publication changed to three editions per year. Since it is ready to be based on the Open Journal System (OJS) in 2017, with e-ISSN number: 2502-8472,  Harmoni publishing cycle of two editions per year

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